Opening the Seven Doors of Divine Love

Opening the Seven Doors of Divine Love
Retreat with Imam Bilal Hyde

March 1-3, 2013

Marillac Center in Leavenworth, Kansas

"We are a door that's never locked.
If you are suffering any kind of pain,
Stay near this door. Open it." --Mevlana Rumi

Imam Bilal Hyde is returning to the Marillac Center in Leavenworth, Kansas (near Kansas City, Missouri) to complete a cycle of seven retreats on Opening the Seven Doors of Divine Love. You are invited to take part in these traditional Sufi meditation practices, rarely offered to the general public. This powerful and transformative technique opens all the doors of the mystical heart, one at a time, to the light of divine love (`ishq Allah).

Sufi meditation focuses on training and refining the ego-self, using visualization, concentration, directed breath practice, and chanted prayer. These practices develop in seven stages, unveiling and activating the subtlest levels of the innermost heart, the seat of wisdom, insight, and compassion for all life. Many have found that a healing process takes place as one allows these practices to work. The results can be deeply rewarding, spiritually and practically. As the doors of the mystical heart are opened to divine love, we encounter our true reality.

The deadline for retreat fees is February 15. After that, add late registration fee of $25. To make sure you have a reserved room, please mail $100 with housing preference, along with the registration form and "Hold Harmless" agreement. These may be downloaded from Send the filled out and signed forms and registration fee to:

For information, please contact:

Lenore Carroll, Registrar


Lenore Carroll
1735 Summit, Apt. 503
Kansas City, MO 64108