Recordings from 2014 Ramadan Retreat available

kursi_sm_n_trAs Salaam alaykum. A small group gathered over the Fourth of July weekend, during the first 10 days of Ramadan, to be with Imam Bilal for intimate conversation, to be together, and a chance to understand and embody what it means to take a "retreat within a retreat."  He focused on the intention and goals of how to manifest rahma, to be kind and compassionate to our bodies with ease and not difficulty during the long hot summer days and short nights of this holy month. Imam Bilal went deeply into the Quranic roots of Ramadan as a time to slow down the soul to have a clearer understanding of the reactive nafs ul-ammarah and lawwamah and the application of zikr practices to purify them. Saturday afternoon Bilal spent two hours on Qur'an recitation, offering us some of his favorites and lacing them with wonderful bits of Rumi poetry he has been translating.
Thanks to Amina the classes with Bilal other than dream interpretation were recorded, edited, and converted to make them available. If you are interested in the recordings, email Subhana ( to confirm your intention and she'll send the Dropbox invitation; payment can be sent afterwards. We are suggesting a donation of $50 to $75 sliding scale. Prayers that your Ramadan was full of blessings and that you had awareness of the presence of angels descending with gifts, throughout the month and on Laylat-ul-Qadr. Blessings of Eid and Shawwal.