The Heart of Love’s Secret Ecstasy, Imam Bilal, Sat. 12/27 10:30 AM

The Heart of Love’s Secret Ecstasy

Saturday, December 27
10:30 AM - 1 PM
Albany, CA

Imam Bilal will continue with the Prolegemonon, the re-introduction to the 100 Mystical Steps on the Sufi Path of Love, based on Abdullah Ansari.

Know that the world from end to end is a shining mirror
In each atom are a thousand suns.
If you penetrate the heart of a single drop of water
Endless oceans will flow from it.
If you look carefully at each speck of dust
You will see worlds within worlds
In the heart of each grain are a hundred harvests for all seasons
A Heaven is hidden within every eye
The core inside the deepest folds of your heart is small
Yet the Lord of the Universe enters there.

--from The Secret Rose Garden (Gulshani Raz by Mahmoud Shabistari)

Water of light, winds of joy, fire of love, this peaceful earth, culminating in the heart of love's secret ecstasy. If you were unable to attend the session on 11/22, we strongly encourage listening to that recording prior to this class (access to recording cost is the same as attending the class in person, and the recording is made available to everyone after the class). For those attending multiple classes, suggested donation is $50 to $75 for each class. For those attending a single class, please pay $65 to $100. Please let us know if you plan to be present, and if you plan to attend remotely we need to arrange to connect you and for your payment; please contact Subhana ( A limited number of partial scholarships are available; donations to the scholarship fund are quite welcome. Salaam.