Sacred Presence Retreat Minnesota Sept. 16-18 Imam Bilal and Tasnim Fernandez


Sacred Presence

Join us on this mystical journey
From Light Upon Light Sufi Center
"Only Your presence revives my withered heart. You are the candle that lights the whole world and I am an empty vessel for your light."
Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Dances of Universal Peace and Sufi Teachings, including Dhikr, the music and prayer ceremony of Divine Remembrance
The Assisi Heights Spiritual Center
Residential Retreat, September 16-18, Friday-Sunday, Rochester, MN
Friday 10 am-9 pm, Saturday 9 am-9 pm, Sunday 9 am-12 pm

Retreat Leaders: Rev Murshida Tasnim Fernandez & Imam Bilal Hyde

Imam Bilal Hyde, founder of the Nurani Institute, is a profound scholar, powerful dhikr leader and co-author of Physicians of the Heart: Sufi Guidebook to the 99 Beautiful Names Of Allah. Samples of his events include, "The Heart of Love's Secret Ecstasy," "Reintroduction to the 100 Steps of Love on the Mystic Path of Sufism," "Arabic Grammar and Pronunciation and Quranic Tafsir" (insightful interpretation) and "Dhikr of the Two Niles". Let's see what he has for us this time!
Rev. Tasnim Fernandez, co-founder of the Center for the Dances of Universal Peace, taps a lifetime's immersion in world religions to guide, teach, and train Dance leaders, Sufi students and Universal Worship ministers. A Representative, Center Leader, Healing Conductor and Siraj (senior minister) with Inayati Order, she is also director of the Church of All and a trained semazan in the Mevlevi Whirling Dervish tradition.
For questions and registration contact: Karima at or 612-229-1231
Special dietary or other needs contact: Marion at 507-398-6028 or
Limited Scholarships must be pre-arranged: John Hakim Bushnell at
Retreat Cost: $300. Early Bird : $280 by 8/15/16. Tuition includes meals but not lodging. Lodging is $37 a night & space is very limited, though there are hotels nearby.
To register please go online to:
If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to Light Upon Light Sufi Center, and mail to:
3754 Pleasant Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55409. Please call Karima before mailing it, to see if lodging at Assisi Heights is available so you may include that with your payment for retreat tuition. Include your name, mailing address, email address and phone number with any payments.