Two appointment times this week with Imam Bilal-taken now!

Bismillah-round-halfsizeAs Salaam alaykum. Ramadan mubarak! Imam Bilal called me yesterday and said he could see people three times before the retreat. I contacted someone on the waiting list and they took the Monday time. I still have these two times available:

Thursday June 9 10:30 AM (tomorrow!)-appointment taken

Saturday June 11 10:30 AM-appointment taken

Let me know ASAP if you'd like one of these appointments! He usually spends an hour and a half to two hours or more during an appointment (may be less if over the phone), and requests $99 or $100. If you wish an appointment, please contact Subhana ( as soon as possible. Please pray for Imam Bilal and his family; his car and his feet have had a challenging start to Ramadan. He feels he is better overall and is very grateful for the prayers. Shukran.