Appointments (taken now)/Upcoming Classes & Retreats with Imam Bilal

As Salaam alaykum and Ramadan mubarak. Imam Bilal thanks Allah and those who prayed for his health; he is gradually feeling better, alhamdulillah. I've attached some appointment times following the Ramadan retreat that begins this Thursday afternoon. Appointment times have in the past filled quite rapidly. He usually spends an hour and a half to two hours or more during an appointment (may be less if over the phone), and requests $99 or $100. We have a new date for the class on Quranic Sources for the Divine Names of Healing, and upcoming retreats. If you wish an appointment or to register for a class or a local workshop (separate registration for Minnesota and info will be forwarded for Oregon), please contact Subhana (


Mon. June 27 10:30 AM-taken

Sat. July 2 10:30 AM -taken

Mon. July 4 10:30 AM-taken

Th. June 710:30 AM-taken

Sat. July 9 10:30 AM -taken

July 16-24 Bilal will be at Mendocino Sufi Camp, his class is "Dancing: Love’s Drunken Ecstasy; the love poetry of Rumi explores the inner dimensions of Sufism. Wake up sun. All the atoms are dancing. The starlight of the whole universe is swirling in love’s drunken ecstasy: dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing. (Rumi)"

Sat Aug 13 10:30 AM - ~1 PM Quranic Sources of Divine Names of Healing, Albany, CA

Sept. 16-19 Sacred Presence Workshop with Tasnim Fernandez in Minnesota, presented by Light upon Light Sufi Center, registration through EventBrite

Oct. 8–9 Sacred Presence workshop, Portland, OR