Dance of the Atoms: Wake up Sun! (Rumi)

Dance of the Atoms

Wake up Sun!

All the atoms in heavens and earth

are dancing, dancing, dancing

Drunken swirls of star light

dance in Love’s mad ecstasy.

Wake up Sun!

All of your lovers are dancing!

dancing, dancing in helpless yearning and frenzied desire.

They’re dying to dance in their own agony and joy.

Wake up Sun!

All the souls, of the living and the dead,

are dancing, dancing, dancing.

Where is this wild dancing taking them?

Come closer and I’ll tell you a secret:

These dancers: They’re all crazy and they know it!

They’ve fallen in love with you

and driven out of their minds

in the end they’ll destroy themselves

in the fire of your burning light.

I can’t say any more.

(Rumi, translated by Imam Bilal Hyde)