Reminder: Dhikrs using Divine Names of Healing and Protection: Sat. Dec. 31 10:30 AM Imam Bilal


La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil 'Aliyyil Azeem

Dhikrs using Divine Names of Healing and Protection

"Honey, when the times get tough, you gotta come out singing..." (Imam Bilal)

Sat. Dec. 31, 2016
10:30 AM - about 1 PM
Albany, CA

Building on recent classes and encouraged by recent events, the concentration will be on dhikrs that focus our awareness of Divine Protection and ease healing. There will be an exploration into the roots of the some of the beautiful Names, their Quranic sources, and their uses, especially in chanted or sung form. If you intend to be present (we plan on remote attendance and anticipate sending recordings to all attendees), please contact Subhana at Requested donation is $50 to $75. Contributions to the scholarship fund are welcome, some partial scholarships may be available. Please let us know if you will be with us! Imam Bilal is currently feeling well, and thanks everyone for their prayers; he welcomes ongoing prayers.