Sufi Mystic Poetry w Imam Bilal THURS 2/16 10:30 AM, part of USHS webinar

As Salaam alaykum, Imam Bilal will be speaking about Sufi Mystic Poetry, especially that of Rumi, on Thursday 2/16, 10:30 AM, as part of a 12 week offering through the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. The rest of the webinars are Thursdays at 5 PM; this session is with Imam Bilal in Albany, CA, at 10:30 AM, and his students are encouraged to attend in person and online. Those attending online will need to register through USHS (you won't be registered for anything else there, and they won't contact you again for classes; you'll have to request any additional information you want from them). Here is the link:

They will provide a video/audio recording those who have attended online. Students who are able to be physically present, please RSVP to Subhana ( and plan to arrive by 10:20 AM. The class is scheduled for 90 minutes, but it is possible that after the online class concludes, Imam Bilal may wish to teach longer for those physically present. There is a recommended donation of $40 to $70 for the class, but USHS said that for Imam Bilal's students, whatever donation they were able to make would be accepted (consider this a scholarship and please use it respectfully). If you are attending in person, you do not need to use the online reservation, just RSVP to Subhana. The mystic poetry of Sufism is a subject dear to Imam Bilal's heart; it is a pleasure for him to be able to share this.