Reminder: Sufi Poetry S’lam: “Drunk Poets of Love” with Imam Bilal April 8 10:30 AM

As Salaam alaykum. Imam Bilal has been ecstatically immersed in translating poetry and that is what he wants to share in his

Sufi Poetry S'lam: Drunk Poets of Love

Sat. April 8, 2017
10:30 AM - about 1 PM
Albany, CA

I heard this morning from Imam Bilal's wife that he says the subtitle should be "Drunk Poets of Love." I believe Rumi and Shabastari are on the menu, and it is likely that threads will lead to the Qur'an. Please let me know if you intend to be present (we plan on remote attendance and anticipate sending recordings to all attendees), Subhana at Requested donation is $50 to $75. Contributions to the scholarship fund are welcome, some partial scholarships may be available. Bilal thanks everyone for their prayers....