Drunken Sufi Poetry of the Silk Road, Sat. May 20 10:30 AM Imam Bilal

Drunken Sufi Poetry of the Silk Road

Sat. May 20, 2017
10:30 AM - about 1 PM
Albany, CA

Ecstatic poetry from those whose hearts have awakened.

Suddenly into this prison of unknowing,
a new morning has come.
Tears flowing fragrant like ambergris, with her perfume intoxicating me like musk mixed with saffron.
Morning has come
Suddenly every smiling rose is opening up in the brightening spring field of a brand new springtime
with a singing laughter of a hundred thousand drunken nightingales.
This morning has come.
Suddenly Shamsi Tabriz is waking in the dawning of love's first light,
saying the wandering souls of all your lost loves are returning to you again,
breathing a new life,
now that the morning has come.
(translated from Rumi by Imam Bilal Hyde)

Please contact subhana@nuraniinstitute.org if you intend to be present (we plan on remote attendance and anticipate sending recordings to all attendees).  Requested donation is $50 to $75. Contributions to the scholarship fund are welcome, some partial scholarships may be available. Bilal thanks everyone for their prayers....