Death and Dying in Sufism and Islam July 22-23 w/ Imam Bilal

A Two Day Weekend Workshop with Imam Bilal:
Death and Dying in Sufism and Islam
“Death is our marriage with eternity”

Sat. July 22, 2017 10:30 AM  - 1 PM
Sun. July 23, 2017 10:30 AM - 1 PM
Albany, CA

Last night you promised to kill me with the eyes of your love.
Oh Allah, when will you ever take me away from all this cruelty…and kindness?
Now, swear by Heaven to visit me at the moment of my death, and carry me to my sleeping grave.
Then release me, free at last.
--Hafiz Ghazal #178, translated by Imam Bilal Hyde, June 2017

Imam Bilal will explore both the exoteric and esoteric aspects of death and dying in Sufism and Islam

  • --how to prepare for death
  • --washing the body
  • --shroud and burial
  • --what is life after life?
  • --Sufi tales of other worlds
  • --caring for the soul, helping it to find its way to the light, for the last words of the Messenger as he lay dying were “There are as many ways to Allah as there are breaths.”

Sliding scale $100 to $300, remote attendance anticipated (using a new platform where you should be able to hear and see); audio recordings available afterwards as usual, same price as attending. Please RSVP to

On the day I die, when I’m being carried to my grave
Don’t weep for me, don’t say “You’re gone, you’re gone.”
Death has nothing to do with leaving.
The sun sets, the moon sets, but they’re not gone.
Death is our wedding with eternity.
The tomb looks like a prison, but it’s really a release, so let go….
My mouth closes here and immediately opens with a shout of joy.
--Version from Rumi