Additional appointments July 2017 with Imam Bilal

As Salaam alaykum. Imam Bilal has made available additional appointments this month. Please contact Subhana, Appointments are usually an hour and a half to two hours (may be less if over the phone), and he requests $99 or $100.  He makes the call, so please let us know your number if its the first time he'll be calling you. If you're coming in person, contact us for the address. Please remember Imam Bilal and his family in your prayers.

Mon. July 10 10:30 AM
Mon. July 10 6:30 PM
Thurs. July 13 10:30 AM
Thurs. July 13 6:30 PM
Sat. July 15 10:30 AM
Sat. July 15 6:30 PM