Death and Dying in Sufism and Islam: A Practical Guide, w/ Imam Bilal, Aug. 26-27

Death and Dying in Sufism and the Islamic Traditions: A Practical Guide

Saturday August 26 10:30 AM - about 1 PM
Sunday August 27 10:30 AM - about 1 PM
Albany, CA

Moving into the practical aspects of death and dying, while not losing sight of the spiritual, we will explore:

--comfort and ease around the critically ill
--last moments of life and transitions
--washing the body and sensitivity and respect with death
--prayer rituals
--speaking with love and kindness to the recently departed
--angelic presences
--blessings for the "people of the graves"
--the grief process
--memorials and celebrations

The discussion will be guided by your specific questions. They are always welcome.
Sliding scale $100 to $300, remote attendance planned using Zoom; audio recordings available afterwards, same price as attending (included with registration).  Questions you'd like considered in the discussion and RSVP to