Upcoming Events and Appointments with Imam Bilal, June-July 2018

As Salaam alaykum. Imam Bilal has given us some dates for upcoming events and possible appointment times. Appointments are usually an hour and a half to two hours (may be less if over the phone), and he requests $99 or $100. He makes the call, so please let us know your number if its the first time he'll be calling you. Times are Pacific time. Please contact Subhana at subhana@nuraniinstitute.org to sign up for appointment times, to register for the classes, and to arrange payment if you aren't local. We anticipate separate announcements for each class or event.
Sat. June 9 10:30 AM - 1 PM The Splendorous Light of Bliss on the Night of Power
Mon June 11 8 PM - 11:45 PM, Iftar, Zikr, and Salat, at the Mentorgarten, 410 Precita, San Francisco
Mon. June 18 10:30 AM taken
Tu. June 19 10:30 AM
Th. June 21 10:30 AM taken
Saturday June 23 11 AM Picnic and prayers Valley Memorial Park, Novato
Monday June 25 10:30 AM taken
Tu. June 26 10:30 AM taken
Th. June 28 10:30 AM taken
Sat. June 30 10:30 AM taken
Sat. July 7 and Sun. July 8, 10:30 AM - 1 PM A String of Pearls: Overcoming Anger and Fear, Healing verses from the Qur’an for daily meditation – selected to heal grief and anger, assuage fear, and recover from despair.
Th July 12 10:30 AM
Sat. July 14 10:30 AM taken
Mon. July 16 10:30 AM taken
Tu. July 17 10:30 AM taken
Th July 19 10:30 AM
Sat. July 21 10:30 AM taken
Mon. July 23 10:30 AM taken
Tu. July 24 10:30 AM
Th. July 26 10:30 AM
Sat. July 28 8 PM zikr, location to be announced
Sat. Aug. 4 10:30 AM – 1 PM class on Hajj