Expanded translation of Khwajah Ansari’s poem “Love is Breathing”

Dear Friends, Imam Bilal offers an expanded translation of the poem of Khwajah Ansari in advance of his upcoming class on Sufi breath Practices.

Love is Breathing

Last night in a dream the Beloved whispered: “Oh My Love, even if you have lost everything and sacrificed your very own soul for Love and still you have not yet seen Me, do not despair for ‘I am closer to you then your jugular vein’(1), and my Love is with you in every Breath."
(1) Qur'an 50:16

Khwajah Abdullah Ansari of Herat (d.1089)
Poem from his Muqulat u Andarzaha

Translated by Imam Bilal Hyde
Albany, California
August 23, 2018