Sufi Saints with Imam Bilal Saturday March 23 10:30 AM

Saturday March 23, 2019 10:30 AM - about 1 PM

Imam Bilal will teach a class based on the tafsir of 'Ibn Ajibah, "Kitab al-Bahr al-Madid" (The Vast Ocean). 'Ibn Ajibah said of the Sufi saints, "their shining hearts are like the eyes of God."

Sufi Saints

When they contemplate, their eyes see the signs of Allah
When they are silent, their hearts reflect the Lights of Allah.
When they speak, their tongues mention the Beautiful Names of Allah.
When they are held back, they endure with Patience.
When they receive gifts, they welcome them with heart-felt gratitude.
When they are tested, they remember Allah with every breath.
When some act of ignorance is committed against them they forgive and persevere.
When they gain higher knowledge, they become unassuming.
When they are requested to teach, they become gentle.
When they are asked a question, they become careful.
They are Physicians of the Heart.
They are skillful guides for those who seek the Way.
They are Friends of the Divine Truth.
They are Hidden Treasures of Wisdom.
Their secret abodes are in the Garden of Love.
Their protecting sanctuaries are Dignity and Respect.
They are luminous visionaries of subtle discernment and mindfulness.
They are secure fortresses of strength and courage.
Easily pleased regarding their own rights, they are zealous in defending the rights of others.
Their intentions are better than their actions, and their actions are more effective than their words.
They open their hearts to the illuminated splendor of Divine Inspiration with which they see the Higher Truths of Spiritual Wisdom, with which they speak, and the greater certainties of inner guidance with which they conduct themselves in their everyday affairs of human life in the ordinary world.
--al Hasabi (d. 857 m.), translated by Bilal Hyde March 21, 2019
In any class, there may need to be changes based on Bilal’s perceptions of the needs of the moment. Suggested donation $50 to $100 per class. Remote attendance is planned using Zoom, with video of Imam Bilal. Recordings available afterwards, same price as attending (included with registration). Advance registration for classes requested. Questions and registration to Subhana at