Ramadan Special and Perfecting Prayer, Imam Bilal, Sat. June 1 10:30 AM

Ramadan Special: How to Fast from Guilt, Fear and Despair and
Perfecting Prayer: An Inquiry in Advanced Techniques of Sufi Meditation, Contemplation and Mindfulness

Saturday June 1, 2019 10:30 AM - about 1 PM

Ramadan Homage de Rumi

No one really knows what makes the soul this happy.

Maybe some sunset breeze blew away the veils from the Face of God.
A thousand new moons are revealed
Sleepy roses wake up laughing.
This broken heart becomes a perfect diamond.

How does a poet breathe this music into a reed flute,
and make the tip of every hair sing like a nightingale?

Why is it so easy, now, to surrender to this moment,
even for those already surrendered?

There are not answers to any of my questions
No one really knows the Source of all this Joy.

August 2010
revised May 2019
Imam Bilal Hyde
Albany, California
With gratitude to Coleman Barks, “The Source of Joy”

Imam Bilal will lead a "Ramadan Special" workshop on Saturday June 1 on how to fast from guilt, fear and despair. He will also teach about perfecting prayer: advanced techniques of Sufi meditation, contemplation and mindfulness. In any class, there may need to be changes based on Bilal’s perceptions of the needs of the moment. Suggested donation $50 to $100 per class. Remote attendance is planned using Zoom, with video of Imam Bilal. Recordings available afterwards, same price as attending (included with registration). Advance acknowldgement if you plan to attend, in person or remotely, very much appreciated. Questions and registration to Subhana at subhana@nuraniinstitute.org.