Names of the Full Moon of Sha’aban; change for Bilal’s class April 18

From Imam Bilal today: Class April 18 will be “How to get through a Pan-Demic without the ‘Panic’ in the months of Sha’aban, Ramadan, and Shawwal” Let’s look forward with hope to these sacred events, insha’Allah.

The Names of the Full Moon of the Sacred Month of Sha’aban, Nisf-e-Sha’aban
A night among the many nights of Splendorous Light

  1. The ‘Eīd of the Angels.
  2. The Night of Showers flowing with Mercy and Compassion
  3. Night of Forgiveness
  4. Night full of Life and Love
  5. Night of Blessings
  6. Night in which prayers are answered
  7. Night of Intercession
  8. Night of Destiny, Life, and Death
  9. Night of Healing Forgiveness and New Beginnings

More details:

  1. ‘Eīd-al-Malā’ikah. Angels celebrate this ‘Eīd at night... because they do not sleep but fly around us looking to help those in need and praying to answer.
  2. Laylah Nuzūl-ur-Rahmah. A night in which showers of mercy and compassion pour down upon us and flow into our hearts healing and purifying.
  3. Laylat-ul-Bar’āh. The night of all-embracig forgiveness that cleanses our souls.
  4. Laylat-ul-Hayāh. The night which restores our hearts to Life and Love, giving us hope for tomorrow and joy for today, and Love every day!
  5. Al Laylat-ul-Mubārakah. A “Blessed Night” full of Beauty and Splendor, as mentioned in the Qur’an.
  6. Laylat-ul-’Ijābah. The night in which prayers are answered. The angels, in celebrating this special ‘Eīd, help to insure that all prayers are answered
  7. Laylat-ul-Shif’ah. The Angels, in celebrating this ‘Eīd, help us by taking special care to intercede on our behalf, so that all prayers are answered this full moon night.
  8. Laylat-ut-Taqdir. The Night of Destiny, in which he Angel of Death, Malak-ul-Mart, records the name of every living soul destined to die, as well as the name of every unborn child destined to come into this world. But if you happen to see him, remember to give the angel of Death greetings of peace; be gentle, be polite…for, after all, he is going to put his lips on yours and breathe in your spirit, and fly with you to another world.
  9. Laylat-ul-Takfīr wal Ghufrān. Night of special kindness and Forgiveness, that heals old wounds in order to restore body, mind, and soul to its’ best self, so that we can make a fresh start and prepare for the Fast of Ramadan, insha’Allah.