Ramadan Appointments w/ Imam Bilal; Sat. May 16 Class: Night of Power, “Heart” of the Lunar Year

From Imam Bilal: "Dearest Friends, May Allah send you all the ever abundant barakah for this Ramadan, May He protect you all and us all also, and remain with us all now and forever more. Amin.  Please keep us in your prayers as we will for you, especially during these difficult times."

Here are times available for appointments with Imam Bilal during Ramadan (all appointments at 10:30 AM PDT) and an upcoming class May 16 on the Night of Power: the "Heart of the Lunar Year." Please respond soon if you would like an appointment, and if you can, mention more than one possible time. Suggested donation is $99 or $100 for a session, all appointments will be on the phone (no in-person visits!).  An appointment will usually be from one hour to about two hours. He makes the call, so please let us know your number if its the first time he'll be calling you. Times shown are Pacific time.

Ramadan Mubarak!
Mon. April 27 10:30 AM
Tues. April 28 10:30 AM
Th. April 30 10:30 AM
Fri. May 1 10:30 AM
Sat. May 2 10:30 AM
Mon. May 4 10:30 AM
Tues. May 5 10:30 AM
Th. May 7 10:30 AM
Fri. May 8 10:30 AM
Sat. May 9 10:30 AM
Mon. May 11 10:30 AM
Class Sat. May 16 10:30 AM to 1 PM Night of Power: The “Heart” of the Lunar Year
May 23, 24, 25 Eid Mubarak!

Please contact Subhana at subhana@nuraniinstitute.org to request appointment times, register for the upcoming class (suggested donation $50 to $100 per class; available to regular contributors), and to arrange donations if you aren't local. Please make checks for donations to Nurani Institute, a religious 501(c)3 non-profit. In any class, there may need to be changes based on Bilal’s perceptions of the needs of the moment. Remote attendance (only) is planned using Zoom, with video of Imam Bilal. Recordings available afterwards, same price as attending (included with registration). Advance acknowledgment if you plan to attend, in person or remotely, is very much appreciated. Shukran. Ramadan Mubarak!