Deeper Shades of Love: Tafsir on Surah YaSin Jan 5 & Feb 9 Imam Bilal

  • 4th January 2019

As Salaam alaykum. Imam Bilal has provided more information for the upcoming classes, tomorrow and next month. Deeper Shades of Love: an in-depth exploration rooted in the heart of the Qur’an, Surah YaSin; unveiling deeper shades of meaning that reveal vast panoramas hidden within. This two part series shows how…

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Additional Appointments with Imam Bilal in December

  • 7th December 2018

As Salaam alaykum. Imam Bilal’s health has improved enough to schedule additional appointment times (all of the previous appointment times filled rapidly). Please let me know if you would like one of these times. Suggested donation is $99 or $100 for a session, in person or on the phone. An…

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