Lailat-ul Mir’aj tonight

  • 2nd April 2019

Imam Bilal will be celebrating Lailat-ul Mi’raj (the Night of Ascent) tonight (April 2, 2019). He mentioned that while there is some discussion about the date, he believes it may be tonight due, in part. to expected low solar energy interference. May all the blessings of this sacred night be yours.

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Day 5: ‘Eid Message from Imam Bilal

  • 25th August 2018

Imam Bilal sends us this ‘Eid greeting (day 5) “Have a blessed ‘Eid, you and your whole family, and all the best for the New Year and all the years to come. And may Allah bless us all with Health, Peace and Prosperity. Amin” ‘Eid Mubarak! Wa kulli ‘am wa…

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Day 4: ‘Eid Message from Imam Bilal

  • 23rd August 2018

Imam Bilal sends this greeting for ‘Eid (day 4) “Have a blessed Eid, this year and all the years to come, in Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and every Sweet Delight. May Allah receive and welcome our prayers, ya Karim. May Allah keep us all safe and grace us with goodness. Amin”…

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