Khwajah Abdallah Ansari’s 100 Steps on the Mystical Path of Love

Khwajah Abdallah Ansari's 100 Steps on the Mystical Path of Love

Regarded as one of the greatest commentators on the mystical meanings of the Qur'an, Khwajah Abdallah Ansari has delineated and summarized the stations on the mystical path using verses from the Qur'an. Khwajah Abdallah Ansari was an 11th century Khorasani mystic who emphasized love and longing for Allah as the essential property of the mystical path. He is popularly known as "Pir-o-Herat" or "the sage of Herat," where his tomb resides.

After several years pause, in late 2019 Imam Bilal has resumed teaching the inner nature of these steps and their sources in Quranic tafsir.

Listen to a sample from one of the previous classes:

Available Recordings of Previous Classes on the 100 Steps of Love

All classes are held from 10:30 am - 1:00 pm Pacific time in Albany, CA. Location will be provided once registration for the class is confirmed. They are also available online, and as recordings, later ones video as well as audio, with photos of the Arabic on the whiteboard for those desiring the details.

9/8/2012 Introduction to the 100 Steps on the Mystical Path of Love

9/12/2012 Introduction to Step One: Awakening

10/6/2012 More on Step One: Awakening

10/20/2012 Step Two: Tawba

11/4/2012 Step Three: Muhasibah

11/17/2012 Step Four: Returning to Love

12/1/2012 Review on Why To Study the 100 Steps

12/15/2012 Introduction to Step 5: Tafakkur




4/6/2013 Review of Steps 1-9 of "The Awakenings"

4/7/2013 Step 10 Listening


6/1/2013 Introduction to Steps 10-20, the Doorways; Step 11 Grief

6/29/2013 Step 12 Khawf many definitions of fear

7/13/2013 Steps 11 and 12, more on Fear and Grief

7/27/2013 Anger

8/10/2013 Steps 14 to 18, Anger and Hell

9/7/2013 More about Hell

11/16/2013 Healing an Angry Heart

11/22/2014 Review and summary of 100 steps

12/27/2014 Gratitude and the Four Elements



10/26/2019 100 Steps restarted, Steps 13 and 14 

11/9/2019 Human Decency, Stories of Muhammad for Mawlid

12/7/2019 Zuhd (Asceticism) Step 16, Tajrid (non-attachment) and Whole-hearted Devotion (Tabattul) Step 18

Suggested donation:

Complete Series (all 10 steps)- $50  to $100/ session

Single Class - $65

There will be a remote attendance option for this class through Zoom for people who cannot attend in person (more information available upon registration).

It is encouraged to commit to the series as the steps are seen as a package and included in a greater context.

Please contact Subhana Ansari for more information ( regarding registration, past recordings, and scholarship opportunities (donations to the scholarship fund greatly appreciated).