Khwajah Abdallah Ansari’s 100 Steps on the Mystical Path – The Gateways


Khwajah Abdallah Ansari's 100 Steps on the Mystical Path - The Gateways

Regarded as one of the greatest commentators on the mystical meanings of the Qur'an, Khwajah Abdallah Ansari has delineated and summarized the stations on the mystical path using verses from the Qur'an. Khwajah Abdallah Ansari was an 11th century Khorasani mystic who emphasized love and longing for Allah as the essential property of the mystical path. He is popularly known as "Pir-o-Herat" or "the sage of Herat," where his tomb resides.

We have completed an introduction to the first 10 steps (or "The Awakenings") and are going to proceed to the second set of 10 step (or "The Gateways").


Listen to a sample recording: Abdallah Ansari Sample 1